Sustainable Energy Systems

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September 2011



Modern energy systems give rise to the bulk of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants which threaten the environment. Energy has therefore become a central focus of debates on sustainable development. This book explains the fundamental aspects of the energy issue and suggests ways to achieve a more sustainable energy future. A leading team of writers describes the importance of energy within the sustainable development debate and outlines the historical and current patterns of energy use in Australia and internationally. The book also assesses the scope for energy conservation, explores the potential for renewable sources of energy, and analyses policy options for promoting more sustainable patterns of energy use. Finally it surveys the possibilities for energy reform in Australia. Sustainable Energy Systems presents the broad spectrum of debate to non-experts for the first time. It emphasises the urgent need to reform patterns of energy use in Australia and around the world if we are to live in an ecologically sustainable and humanly desirable future.


Part I. Introduction and Background: 1. Introduction: the issue of energy Stephen Dovers; 2. Historical and current patterns of energy use Stephen Dovers; Part II. Efficiency and Conservation: 3. Using energy efficiently in buildings and industry Hugh Saddler; 4. Energy conservation in transport and urban settlements Peter Newman; Part III. Renewable Energy: 5. The nature of renewable energy David Mills and Mark Diesendorf; 6. Solar thermal energy David Mills; 7. Wind, biomass and other renewables Mark Diesendorf; Part IV. Towards Sustainable Energy Systems: 8. Economic policies for sustainable energy use Michael Common; 9. Towards sustainable energy systems Ian Lowe.
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