The History of the English Organ

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Describes the history of organs built in England from AD 900 to the present day.


Introduction; 1. Early history c.900-1500; 2. The Tudor organ 1500-70; 3. The English Reformation 1536-1600; 4. Foreign influences before 1600; 5. The Laudian revival 1590-1642; 6. Interlude - the Dallams in France 1642-1700; 7. The Restoration 1660-80; 8. The Glorious Revolution 1660-1715; 9. The Georgian organ I 1700-65; 10. The Georgian organ II 1740-1800; 11. Interlude - the chamber organ 1600-1850; 12. The insular tradition 1800-40; 13. The German system 1840-65; 14. The High Victorian organ 1860-1900; 15. Progressive trends 1880-1900; 16. The imperial organ 1900-39; 17. The classical revival 1939-80; 18. Epilogue 1980; Guide to surviving English organs; Glossary.


'It is unlikely that a finer book on this subject could yet be written in our century ... it is now the standard book. Hard-backed, its more than 400 pages supersede all others.' Church Times 'Stephen Bicknell's book is a considerable achievement: essential reading and a thoroughly useful, stimulating and intelligent work. It is eminently worthy of purchase by all interested in playing and studying the organ.' Organist's Review 'This is a wonderful book, undoubtedly the finest of its kind ever written, and I most heartily recommend it.' The Organ Historical Society Journal 'This is a handsomely produced and well written book with many black and white photographs, and should become an essential part of any organ lover's library.' Early Music Today '... not only does it present an omnium gatherum of all previous research, it is also interlaced with succinct and informed comment which marks its author as a scholar of the first rank ... a 'must' for every organ-lover.' Charles Mould, Journal of Ecclesiastical History ' ... the writing is expert, a fine salute to recent developments in organ-studies in Britain ... There is no organist who would not appreciate Bicknell's fresh style'. Times Literary Supplement
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