Sensibility and English Song: Critical Studies of the Early Twentieth Century

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Januar 1989



The history of English song from the late nineteenth century to the Second World War.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Explanation of bibliographical system and song lists; Abbreviations; Part I. The Growth of Sensibility: 1. The condition of English song in 1900; 2. Reticent Victorians: Elgar, Parry, Stanford and Wood; 3. Narrative song-cycle and dramatic scena: Somervell and Walford Davies; 4. Three post-Victorians: Hurlstone, Bridge and Vaughan Williams; 5. The Edwardian age (I); 6. The Edwardian age (II); 7. The First World War: its effect and its victims; Part II. The Lyrical Impulse Between the Wars: 8. Introduction: the uses of technique - style and personal symbolism in John Ireland; 9. The music of Ivor Gurney; 10. Georgian poetry and Georgian music; 11. Housman and the composers: documentation and evaluation; 12. The Celtic twilight; 13. Time and destiny: the Hardy songs of Gerald Finzi; 14. The uses and abuses of technique; Postscript: The pursuit of detachment; Appendices; Song lists; Bibliography; Index.


'... a major contribution towards an intelligent understanding of a vast and fascinating subject ... abounds in subtle insights ... Sensibility and English Song is, by any standards, a major achievement - an indispensable work of reference and revelation, as important to singers, concert promoters and (let us hope) record companies as it will be to scholars and all those interested in an amazingly rich seam of British musical genius.' Music & Letters 'This remarkable work will become as invaluable to teachers as to singers, composers, students, critics and all who delight in the art of song.' Music Teacher '... this study is unlikely to be surpassed in its ambitious comprehensiveness for a long while, and will remain a unique source of reference.' Classical Music
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