Finding Mr. Right: And How to Know When You Have

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Now available in trade paper, Arterburn's humorous bestselling guide helps women know what to look for in a man and what to be as a woman.


Steve Arterburn is host of New Life Live!, a radio and television program distributed across the country. He is a best-selling author with more than eight million books in print. He is also founder of Women of Faith(R), a conference attended by more than four million women since its inception. Steve also serves as the teaching pastor of Heartland Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Margaret J. Rinck is a professional counselor with New Life Clinics. She is the author of Christian Men Who Hate Women: Healing Hurting Relationships (Zondervan 1990). Together, Stephen Arterburn and Margaret J. Rinck have written a new, informative guide entitled Avoiding Mr. Wrong (And What To Do If You Didn't): Identify the Ten Men Who Will Ruin Your Life.
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