When London Calls

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For many actors, painters, musicians and writers, leaving Australia seemed to be the only path to personal and professional fulfillment. Drawing on the lives of people such as Dame Joan Sutherland, Jill Neville, Barry Humphries, Germaine Greer and Clive James, this book explores the experience of being an expatriate in London in the creative and performing arts. It is also a cultural history that traces shifts in the relationship between Australia and Britain, as the supposed colonial backwater began to develop its own national identity.


1. Introduction; Part I. Leaving: 2. An Australian theatre or a career on stage?; 3. Sydney or Fleet Street?; 4. Musical directions; 5. Patterns of discovery: artists and writers; Part II. Climbing: 6. Grander stages; 7. Long and winding musical roads; 8. The yellow brick road to the land of OZ and beyond; 9. Journalists' journeys; 10. Crucible to firmament: Barry Humphries, Germaine Greer and Clive James and the expatriate search for fame; Part III. Complicating ... Solving: 11. Home and identity.


' ... a delightful revelation of English attitudes to Australians and vice-versa.' The Examiner ' ... a valuable book ... Thoroughly researched, earnestly argued, it combs over the experience of exile and displacement.' The Weekend Australian '... makes a valuable contribution in exploring and contextualising expatriatism'. Australian Book Review
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