Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

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This introduction to the theory of quantum fields in curved spacetime, intended for mathematicians, arose from a course taught to graduate students and is designed for self-study or advanced courses in relativity and quantum field theory. The style is informal and some knowledge of general relativity and differential geometry is assumed, yet the author does supply background material on function analysis and quantum field theory as required. Physicists should also gain a sound grasp of various aspects of the theory, some of which have not been particularly emphasized in the existing review literature.


Preface; 1. A quick course in quantum mechanics; 2. Self-adjoint, elliptic differential operators and eigen-function expansions; 3. Quantisation of a static, scalar field theory; 4. Two-point functions; 5. The stress tensor and the Casimir effect; 6. Quantum field theory in general space-times; 7. Quantum field theory in an expanding universe; 8. Some geometrical apparatus; 9. Renormalisation of the stress tensor; Conclusion; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.


" excellent introduction to the research of the past two decades bearing on this test problem." American Scientist "It provides for the mathematician an introduction to this field of physics in a language and from a point of view which we quickly find familiar. The physicist will gain the conviction that this quantum field theory has a very sound mathematical basis." Sorin Marculescu, Mathematical Reviews
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