Discovery of Aggression: An Essay

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Februar 2008



Anywhere we look around ourselves, we see that there is aggression, in one or another way. Even within ourselves, as well, whether we admit it or not. Why is it so? We live in the so called "modern" world, where everyday we discover new ways for easing our way of life, hoping for better life, but, it, the aggression, is still there. We even make up new philosophies for that matter, but we see that there's no way out. What causes a man to be so aggressive, to have that impulse for aggression, whether it be toward his neighbor or nature? Some say that it's something natural, other say that it's because of economic reasons. We love the nature, we admire it because she gives us all that we need for us to live. We love each other, raise children who come in this world because of that love., the aggression, is still there, though we despise it. It seems that we are somehow unaware of our unconsciousness of acting toward man or the nature in aggressive way. And the author of this book discovers something new, gives us a new point of view, and says that the aggression comes "FROM THE SUBCONSCIOUS CONFLICT BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH WITHIN MAN HIMSELF." In this book, which goes beyond boundaries of our material world, you'll discover the reasons why we are so aggressive and the ways and means how to get rid of it and start to live a life full of humanity.

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