Lambent Traces: Franz Kafka

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September 2006



""Lambent Traces" is a stunning work of literary scholarship and critical thought, a brilliant engagement with one of the towering literary figures of the last century. Corngold is today's master reader of Kafka."--Russell Berman, Stanford University
"A new book on Kafka by a scholar as formidable as Stanley Corngold is a welcome event. Corngold's writing exerts the allure of the tight-rope walker high above the circus floor and makes for fascinating reading."--Mark Anderson, Columbia University


Preface xi Abbreviations for Kafka Citations xvii Introduction: Beginnings 1 Chapter 1 In the Circle of "The Judgment" 13 Chapter 2 The Trial: The Guilt of an Unredeemed Literary Promise 37 Segue I On Cultural Immortality 45 Chapter 3 Medial Interferences in The Trial 51 Or, res in Media Chapter 4 Allotria and Excreta in "In the Penal Colony" 67 Segue II Death and the Medium 81 Chapter 5 Nietzsche, Kafka, and Literary Paternity 94 Chapter 6 Something to Do with the Truth 111 Kafka's Later Stories Chapter 7 "A Faith Like a Guillotine" 126 Kafka on Skepticism Chapter 8 Kafka and the Dialect of Minor Literature 142 Chapter 9 Adorno's "Notes on Kafka" 158 A Critical Reconstruction Chapter 10 On Translation Mistakes, with Special Attention to Kafka in Amerika 176 Chapter 11 The Trouble with Cultural Studies 194 Notes 205 Acknowledgments 253 Index 255


Stanley Corngold is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Princeton University. His books include "The Fate of the Self", "Franz Kafka: The Necessity of Form", and "Complex Pleasure" as well as two translations of Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" and "Selected Stories".


"One of the most compelling and instructive books on Kafka to appear in recent years."--Choice "Readers of Lambent Traces will find themselves enraptured by Corngold's masterful explication of Kafka writing in ecstasy. This provocative work will constitute an exhilarating reading for literary scholars in general and Kafka scholars in particular."--David D. Kim, Focus on German Studies
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