The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate

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Aimed primarily at college graduates, this guidebook explores high-paying career opportunities in real estate development, financing and investing, corporate real estate, international opportunities, and starting a real estate business. Background information on the real estate industry, education, and employer expectations is also provided.


A Real Estate Career: The Big Picture; A Look at Development; A Look at Real Estate Investment and Ownership, Financing and Services; Career Paths: What's Right for You?; On the Inside: Becoming an Entrepreneur; Education: The Foundation of a Successful Career; What Do Employers Want?; Finding That First Job.


Stan Ross is the chairman of the board of the University of Southern California Lusk Center for Real Estate. He is a former vice chairman of real estate industry services for Ernst & Young LLP, and a managing partner of E&Y Kenneth Leventhal Real Estate Group. He is a life trustee and the governor of the Urban Land Institute, as well as a trustee of Baruch College, New York. He lives in Los Angeles.


"Read "Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate". It could be one of the smartest investments that you ever make." --Donald Trump
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