C++ Gems: Programming Pearls from the C++ Report

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April 2003



Presents the pinnacle of writing on C++ by renowned experts in the field, and is a must-read for today's C++ programmer.


Introduction: the C++ report - so far S. Lippman; First Thoughts: 1. Standardizing C++ B. Stroustrup; 2. Retrospective T. Cargill; Section I. A Focus on Programming Design: Part I. Library Design in C++: 3. Library design using C++ B. Stroustrup; 4. The GNU C++ library D. Lea; 5. The design and architecture of tools.h++ T. Keffer; 6. Simplifying the Booch components G. Booch and M. Vilot; 7. Design generalization in the C++ standard library M. Vilot; Part II. Software Design/Patterns in C++: 8. A case study of C++ design evolution D. Schmidt; 9. Distributed abstract interface J. Coplien; 10. Pattern hatching J. Vlissides; Section II. A Focus on Programming Idioms: Part III. C++ Programming: 11. How to write Buggy programs A. Koenig; 12. A dynamic vector is harder than it looks T. Cargill; 13. Writing multithreaded applications in C++ P. Becker; 14. Transplanting a tree-recursive LISP algorithm to C++ S. Teale; Part IV. Special Programming Idioms: 15. Class derivation and emulation of virtual contructors D. Jordan; 16. Virtual constructors revisited T. Cargill; 17. Initializing static variables in C++ Library J. Schwarz; 18. Objects as return values M. Tiemann; 19. Applying the copy constructor S. Lippman; Section III. A Focus on Applications: Part V. Experience Case Studies: 20. O-O benefits of Pascal to C++ conversion J. Waldo; 21. A C++ template-based application architecture T. Kontogiorgos and M. Kim; 22. An object-oriented framework for I/O B. Berg and E. Rowlance; Part VI. Distributed Object Computing in C++: 23. Distributed object computing in C++ S. Vinoski and D. Schmidt; 24. Comparing alternative distributed programming techniques S. Vinoski and D. Schmidt; 25. Comparing alternative server programming techniques S. Vinoski and D. Schmidt; Section IV. A Focus on Language: Part VII. Operators New and Delete: 26. Memory management in C++ N. Myers; 27. Memory management, DLLs, and C++ P. Becker; 28. Implementing new and delete S. Clamage; Part VIII. Exception Handling: 29. Exception handling: behind the scenes J. Lajoie; 30. Exceptions and windowing systems P. Becker; 31. Exception handling: a false sense of security T. Cargill; Part IX. Templates: 32. Standard C++ templates: new and improved, like your favorite detergent:-) J. Lajoie; 33. A new and useful template technique: 'traits' N. Myers; 34. Using C++ template metaprograms T. Veldhuizen; 35. Expression templates T. Veldhuizen; 36. What's that template argument about? J. Barton and L. Nackman; 37. Algebra for C++ operators J. Barton and L. Nackman; 38. Callbacks in C++ using template functors R. Hickey; Part X. Standard Template Library: 39. Standard template library M. Vilot; 40. Making a vector fit for a standard B. Stroustrup; Last Thoughts: 41. A perspective on ISO C++ B. Stroustrup.


'Stan has assembled a truly remarkable collection, valuable not just for its historical interest but also for its technical merit. The time spent reading these articles will be valuable investment for anyone who uses C++.' Robert Murray, from the Foreword
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