Bodily Natures

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September 2010



How do we understand the agency and significance of material forces andtheir interface with human bodies? What does it mean to be human in these times, with bodies that are inextricably interconnected with our physical world? BodilyNatures considers these questions by grappling with powerful and pervasive materialforces and their increasingly harmful effects on the human body. Drawing on feministtheory, environmental studies, and the sciences, Stacy Alaimo focuses ontrans-corporeality, or movement across bodies and nature, which has profoundlyaltered our sense of self. By looking at a broad range of creative and philosophicalwritings, Alaimo illuminates how science, politics, and culture collide, whileconsidering the closeness of the human body to the environment.


1. Bodily Natures; 2. Eros and X-Rays: Bodies, Class, and "Environmental Justice"; 3. Invisible Matters: The Sciences of Environmental Justice; 4. Material Memoirs: Science, Autobiography, and the Substantial Self; 5. Deviant Agents: The Science, Culture, and Politics of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; 6. Genetics, Material Agency, and the Evolution of Posthuman Environmental Ethics in Recent Science Fiction Notes; Works Cited; Index


Stacy Alaimo is Professor of English at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is author of Undomesticated Ground: Recasting Nature as Feminist Space and editor (with Susan Hekman) of Material Feminisms (IUP, 2008).


"Alaimo does a fabulous job of thinking through how a trans-corporeal understanding of matter provides a more robust and more adequate basis for appreciating issues of environmental health and environmental justice." Nancy Tuana, Pennsylvania State University
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