Falling in Love Again

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November 2008



Revisits and reflects on romantic comedies. This book considers the films and issues that illustrate the diversity of the genre, from the pleasures of "Miss Congeniality" and the rom-com persona of J-Lo and Bill Murray, to high school prom-coms and indie romantic comedies. It also explores male-centred romances like "Wedding Crashers".


Acknowledgements and Dedication i-ii; List of Contributors iii-v; Introduction - A Lot Like Love:; The Romantic Comedy in Contemporary Cinema 1; Stacey Abbott and Deborah Jermyn; 1. I NY: Rom-Com's Love Affair with New York City Deborah Jermyn; 2. Music, Ritual, and Genre in Edward Burns' Indie Romantic Comedies. Robynn J. Stilwell; 3. Apres le coup de foudre: Narrative, Love and Spectatorship in Groundhog Day; Paul Sutton; 4. Prom-Coms: Reliving the Dreams and Nightmares of High School Romance; Stacey Abbott; 5. The Healing Power of Romantic Love in Popular Indian Romantic Comedies: Raja Hindustani: Home Elsewhere and Elsewhere Home; Sean Redmond; 6. A 'Special Relationship'?: The Coupling of Britain and America in Working Title's Romantic Comedies; Annabelle Honess Roe; 7. Transatlantic Exchanges and Influences: Decalage horaire (Jet Lag) Gender and the Romantic Comedy a la francaise; Brigitte Rollet; 8. Romantic Comedies and the Raced Body; Karen Bowdre; 9. Armed and Fabulous: Miss Congeniality's Queer Rom-Com; Claire Hines; 10. What a Difference a Gay Makes: Marriage in the 1990s Romantic Comedy; Kyle Stevens; 11. Hommecom: Engendering Change in Contemporary Romantic Comedy; Tamar Jeffers McDonald; 12. Lost in Transition: Problems of Modern (Heterosexual) Romance and the Catatonic Male Hero in the Post-Feminist Age; Janet McCabe; 13. A New Direction in Comedian Comedy?: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Punch Drunk Love & the Post-Comedian Rom-Com; Lesley Harbidge; 14. 'I believe that if I haven't found my Prince Charming already, that I will; or he will find me, if he hasn't already': Jennifer Lopez, Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Stardom; Alan Dodd and Martin Fradley; 15. Le Divorce: Romance, Separation and Reconciliation; Hilary Radner. Filmography; Bibliography; Index.


Stacey Abbott is Senior Lecturer in Film and TV at Roehampton University. She is the author of 'Celluloid Vampires' (2007), editor of 'Reading "Angel'" and co-editor of 'Investigating "Alias'", both I.B. Tauris. She is Series Editor of Tauris' Investigating Cult TV Series. Deborah Jermyn is Senior Lecturer in Film and TV at Roehampton University. She is the author of 'Crime Watching: Investigating Real Crime TV' (I.B. Tauris, 2007) and 'Sex and the City' (forthcoming).


'A collection of scholarly essays on "Romantic comedy in Contemporary Cinema"? You're spoiling us.' - Steven Poole, "GUARDIAN", 7th March 2009
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