Bodies, Politics, and African Healing

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Juni 2011



This subtle and powerful ethnography examines African healing and itsrelationship to medical science. Stacey A. Langwick investigates the practices ofhealers in Tanzania who confront the most intractable illnesses in the region, including AIDS and malaria. She reveals how healers generate new therapies and shapethe bodies of their patients as they address devils and parasites, anti-witchcraftmedicine, and child immunization. Transcending the dualisms between tradition andscience, culture and nature, belief and knowledge, Langwick tells a new story aboutthe materiality of healing and postcolonial politics. This important work bridgespostcolonial theory, science, public health, and anthropology.


Prologue 1 Orientations Part I A Short Genealogy of Traditional Medicine 2 Witchcraft, Oracles and Native Medicines; 3 Making (Tanzanian) Traditional Medicine Part II Hailing Traditional Experts 4 Intimate Becomings; 5 Institutional Evocations Part III Healing Matters 6 Alternative Materialities; 7 Interferences and Inclusions; 8 Shifting Existences (or Being and Not-Being); Conclusion Postcolonial Ontological Politics Epilogue; Glossary; Notes; References; Index


Stacey A. Langwick is Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University. She is a contributor to Borders and Healers (IUP, 2006).


"Presents in-depth ethnographic information on a timely and relevant topic of long-standing interest, informing practical responses to significant social problems." Tracy J. Luedke, Northeastern Illinois University "Compelling and radical ... stunningly intimate, deeply intellectual, and thoroughly political." Julie Livingston, Rutgers University
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