Television After TV

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November 2004



A critical reassessment of television and television studies in the age of new media.


Part 1: Industry, programs and production contexts Convergence television: Aggregating form and repurposing content in the culture of conglomeration John Caldwell, UCLA; Lifestyling Britain: The 8-9 slot on British television Charlotte Brunsdon, University of Warwick; What if?: Charting television's new textual boundaries Jeffrey Sconce, Northwestern University; Interactive television and changing advertising forms in contemporary US television William Boddy, CUNY; Flexible microcasting: Gender, generation and television-internet convergence Lisa Parks, University of California, Santa Barbara Part 2: Technology, society and cultural form Television's next generation: Technology/interface culture/flow William Uricchio, MIT; The rhythms of the reception area: Crisis, capitalism and the waiting room TV Anna McCarthy, NYU; Broadcast television: The chances of survival in the digital age Jostein Gripsrud, University of Bergen; Double click: The million woman march on television and the internet Anna Everett, University of California, Santa Barbara Part 3 Electronic nations, past and present One commercial week: Television in Sweden prior to public service Jan Olsson, Stockholm University; Media capitals: Cultural geographies of global TV Michael Curtin, University of Wisconsin-Madison; At home with television David Morley, Goldsmith's College, University of London;,: Re-imaging television on the internet Priscilla Ovalle Part 4: Television teachers From West 53rd to Levittown: Television at the Museum of Modern Art Lynn Spigel, Northwestern University; Republic of letters to television republic: Citizen readers in the era of broadcast television John Hartley, Queensland University of Technology; Cultural studies, television studies and the crisis in the humanities Julie D'Acci, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Lynn Spigel is a professor in the Department of Radio/Television/Film at Northwestern University. She is the author of "Welcome to the Dreamhouse: Popular Media and Postwar Suburbs" (published by Duke University Press) and "Make Room for ""TV"" Television and the Family Ideal in Postwar America."Jan Olsson is a professor in the Department of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University in Sweden. He is a coeditor of "Nordic Explorations: Film Before 1930."


"A terrific collection of essays by the top scholars in the field, Television after TV revitalizes television studies by exploring the interplay between television and new media and between corporate consolidation and new forms of programming. Not willing to rest on old paradigms or theories, the authors propose new analytical frameworks for making sense of television in the age of the Internet and beyond."--Susan J. Douglas, Catherine Neafie Kellogg Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan and coauthor of The Mommy Myth "Lynn Spigel and Jan Olsson have assembled a stellar lineup of television scholars whose unique and differentiated approaches to television studies' future also provide a fascinating overview of where we are and how we got here. These essays will set the terms for how we look at television in the twenty-first century."--Michele Hilmes, editor of The Television History Book "The editors of this volume have assembled an impressive array of some of the key names in academic television studies with the aim of examining and interrogating the past, present, and future of television ... this collection is broad-ranging and thought-provoking and offers much of value to students and scholars of television."--Jrnl of American Studies, August 2006
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