My Traitor

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Sorj Chalandon is a journalist and novelist who spent formative years on assignment in Northern Ireland as a reporter for Liberation during the Troubles. My Traitor was first published to acclaim in France in 2007 and won five prizes in its first year, including the Prix Joseph Kessel and the Prix Jean Freustie.


Praise for the French edition: - 'Fascinating.' - L'Express - 'A virtuoso novel, sharp as a knife, that takes us to the very heart of life and its inner struggles. An essential novel that is both burning hot and icy cold.' - Madame Figaro - 'A tale of true friendship that draws on the very autobiographical feelings of a great war correspondant with a genuine talent for stories of real human interest.' - Elle - 'Terrible and beautiful.' - Le Nouvel Observateur - Anger, hurt, the need to understand ... a powerful, transfixing novel.' - Le Figaro Magazine
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