A Literary Review: Two Ages, a Novel by the Author of a Story of Everyday Life, Published by J.L. Heiberg, Copenhagen, Reitzel, 1845

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Ostensibly, "A Literary Review" is a straightforward commentary by S&oslashren Kierkegaard on the work of a contemporary novelist. On deeper levels, however, it becomes the existential philosopher's far-reaching critique of his society and age, and its apocalyptic final sections inspired the central ideas in Martin Heiddeger's influential work "Being and Time," Embraced by many readers as prophetic, "A Literary Review" and its concepts remain relevant to our current debates on identity, addiction, and social conformity.


Danish-born S ren Kierkegaard (1813-55) wrote on a wide variety of themes, including religion, psychology, and literature. He is remembered for his philosophy which was influential in the development of 20th century existentialism. Alastair Hannay is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. He is co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Kierkegaard and has translated Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling, The Sickness unto Death, Either/ Or, and Papers and Journals for Penguin Classics.
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