Sonny Sez!: Legends, Yarns, and Downright Truths

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September 2007



Contains one hundred one-minute stories which addresses questions like, why do empty rooms get dusty? What is the meaning and origin of the phrase "the whole nine yards"? And why is a dog's nose moist?


Sonny Eliot is a radio and television broadcaster and beloved Detroit personality. Some of the many awards and citations that Eliot has received include an Emmy for Best Weathercaster, 50-year Screen Actors Guild Award, Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame. Draper Hill is a noted political cartoonist who has enjoyed a thirty-five-year career at newspapers in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and most notably at the Detroit News, where he produced an average of six drawings each week for more than twenty years. Hill graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, where he was the art editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He is a Fulbright scholar, has authored a number of books and articles on James Gillray and Thomas Nast, and been called "the leading authority and historian of the English-language cartoon." Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D., is an award-winning writer, author, speaker, producer, and director for video, television, stage, and film. He is also the owner of a small media distribution company, Nineveh's Crossing.
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