Hans Jurgen Syberberg and His Film of Wagner's Parsifal

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November 2005



While much has been published abroad about the German filmmaker and author Hans J rgen Syberberg, this is the first English monograph about him. Author Solveig Olsen presents a biographical overview of the controversial artist and his body of work, and offers an in-depth analysis of Syberberg's film of Richard Wagner's Parsifal and his later works.


1 Preface Part 2 Part 1: Chapter 1: The Early Years; Chapter 2. Name Recognition; Chapter 3: International Renown; Chapter 4: Hitler: Ein Film aus Deutschland; Chapter 5: A Chilly Climate Part 3 Part 2: Chapter 6: Introduction and First Prelude to Parsifal; Chapter 7: Act One; Chapter 8: Second Prelude and Act Two; Chapter 9: Third Prelude and Act Two; Chapter 10: Epilogue to Parsifal; Chapter 11: Parsifal Encounters the Outside World Part 4 Part 3: Chapter 12: The Monologues; Chapter 13: Turbulence; Chapter 14: From Tower to Cave; Chapter 15: Homeward Bound 5 Notes 6 Bibliography 7 Index


Dr. Solveig Olsen is Professor Emeritus of German at the University of North Texas. A native of Norway, Dr. Olsen received her Ph.D. in Germanics from Rice University and an M.A. in German from the University of Oslo. Dr. Olsen is also the author of Computer-Assisted Instruction and the Humanities from MLA Press.
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