Ysko Tawada: Voices from Everywhere

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September 2007



Ysko Tawada: Voices from Everywhere is the first volume of criticism dedicated to the work of Ysko Tawada, one of the most highly acclaimed writers of her generation. Douglas Slaymaker has collected a range of essays that explore the plurality of voices and cultures in Tawada's work and push on to explicate the poetics and intellectual underpinnings of her writing. Analyses of her fiction are paired with examinations of its philosophic and aesthetic foundations. This is an essential collection for anyone with an interest in this important young writer.


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Introduction: YokoTawada: Voices from Everywhere Part 3 Tawada Yoko Does Not Exist Part 4 Nation, Transnation, Translation Chapter 5 Translation, Exophony, Omniphony Chapter 6 Missing Heels, Missing Texts, Wounds in the Alphabet Chapter 7 Writing in the Ravine of Language Chapter 8 YokoTawada's Poetological Reflections on her German Prose Works Part 9 Bodies and Belonging Chapter 10 Tawada's Multilingual Moves: Toward a Transnational Imaginary Chapter 11 Traveling Without Moving: Physical and Linguistic Mobility in Yoko Tawada's Uberseezungen Chapter 12 The Unknown Character: Traces of the Surreal in Yoko Tawada's Writings Part 13 Language Constructions and Identity Production Chapter 14 Words and Roots: The Loss of the Familiar in the Works of Yoko Tawada Chapter 16 Sign Language: Reading Culture and Identity in "The Gotthard Railway" Chapter 17 Tawada Yoko's Quest for Exophony: Japan and Germany


Douglas Slaymaker is associate professor of Japanese at the University of Kentucky.


Tawada's characteristic method of writing and translation...receive positive treatment from several contributors...This is a timely and insightful collection of essays on an important writer of her generation. Journal Of Japanese Studies, February 2009 One of this collection's significant contributions is that it crafts a space within the Western academy from which Japanese literature can be understood as participating in the conversation on globalization, not as so much cultural cache for increasingly cosmopolitan consumers, but as a literature that is itself commenting on the globalizing process... Voices from Everywhere creates a transcultural framework in which these multiple readings are encouraged to cross-fertalize and open up beyond the parameters of its pages and invites a sharing of theoretical sources accross area studies borders. -- Robin L. Tierney Journal of Asian Studies, February 2010 To capture the multilingual, cosmopolitan brilliance of Yoko Tawada would require assembling a team of scholars specializing in different disciplines and regions-and that is precisely what Douglas Slaymaker has accomplished in this fine volume. At last, we have a study worthy of one of the most interesting writers at work in the world today. -- Michael K. Bourdaghs, University of Chicago
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