Beginning J2ME

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* J2ME or Wireless Java development platform is a topic of interest, and is still a hot topic for shows like JavaOne.
* Empowered by info on GUI graphics, sound, and music; enables a beginning wireless Java developer to build games for cell phone and other wireless devices.
* Easy-to-read style with lots of practical, hands-on code examples.


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Jonathan Knudsen is a Java developer and noted author of several books, including Wireless Java: Developing with Java 2, Micro Edition (from Apress), Mobile Java, The Unofficial Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots, Learning Java, and Java 2D Graphics. Jonathan began his object-oriented programming career in Objective-C on the NeXT OS, soon thereafter suffering through a couple purgatorial years in Microsoft's Visual C++ before graduating to Java in 1996. He has written extensively about Java and Lego robots, including five books, a monthly online column called "Bite-Size Java", and articles for JavaWorld, EXE, NZZ Folio, and the O'Reilly Network. Jonathan holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton University.

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