On the Shore of the Wide World

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Mai 2007



Epic play about love, family and Roy Keane Stockport 2004. Peter Holmes' dad is mastering his card tricks. His sons are plotting ways of leaving home. His wife has never looked so tired. And something is about to happen that will change all their lives irrevocably. Set over the course of nine months, On the Shore of the Wide World is a play about love, family, Roy Keane and the size of the galaxy. It is also a play about recovery. Published to tie-in with the play's world premier at the Royal Exchange, Manchester, and the National Theatre, in April 2005.


Simon Stephens plays include BLUEBIRD and HERONS for the Royal Court. Other work includes PORT (Roya l Exchange, Manchester), winner of the Pearson Award For Best Play 2001; ONE MINUTE (an ATC producti on); CHRISTMAS (Bush), and Country Music (Royal Court). Herons was nominated for the 2001 Olivier Aw ard for Most Promising Playwright and he is also winner of the Pearson Most Promising New Playwright Award.


'I thought Simon Stephens's play On the Shore of the Wide World was sensational. I was thrilled when it won the Olivier because I thought it was really underrated.' David Eldridge, playwright
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