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November 2006



"You've done all you can to make sure you love your home -- but now that you've decided to sell, you need your potential buyers to love it even more. Home Makeovers That Sell offers everything from last-minute cleaning checklists and staging strategies to inexpensive improvements that will boost the market value of any home. This book illuminates exactly what factors determine a home's value and which improvements will increase it the most. Based on his 25 years of experience as a real estate broker, Sid Davis provides systematic approaches designed to get top dollar. You will learn how to:

Create curb appeal by replacing shrubs, repairing your fence, or refinishing the driveway.
Revitalize the two most important rooms in the house -- the bathroom and the kitchen -- by grouting, replacing fixtures, and refinishing cabinets.
Organize closets, basements, attics, and laundry rooms.
""Undecorate"" overly personalized rooms.
Prepare your home for an open house using accent lights, picture frames, and plants.
Get your landscaping in selling condition, including flower beds and trees.
Work with offers and counter-offers.
Identify essential repairs.

Complete with checklists, charts, and ideas to help you prioritize and budget your presale refurbishing and remodeling, Home Makeovers That Sell will ensure that you sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible."


Chapter 1. Finding Your Home's Highest Sales Price
Chapter 2. Take Control: Decluttering 101
Chapter 3. Cleaning for Dollars
Chapter 4. Repairs/Upgrades that Make or Cost You Money
Chapter 5. Upgrading Your Home's Exterior
Chapter 6. Putting Your Landscaping in Selling Condition
Chapter 7. Showtime: Pulling It All Together
Chapter 8. Marketing Your Home for a Quick Offer
Chapter 9. Working with Offers and Counteroffers

Chapter 10. Solving Difficult Selling Problems
Chapter 11. Showcasing: How the Pros Do It
Appendix 1. Tax Aspects of Making Over Your Home and Selling It
Appendix 2. The Seven Dumbest Mistakes Sellers Make


Sid Davis is the owner of Sid Davis & Associates, a real estate firm. He is the author of Survival Guide to Buying a Home (0-8144-7196-X, $17.95 paperback, 2004), Survival Guide for Selling a Home (0-8144-7274-5, $15.00 paperback, 2005), and numerous articles in Today's Homeowner, Home Office Computing, Construction Management Today, and the Los Angeles Times.


"From easy repairs to seemingly insurmountable projects, readers will discover sanity-saving advice." -- Daily Citizen
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