The Curse of Santos Jones

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The Curse of Santos Jones is a Christian thriller. Jodie Hamilton grew up in a small close-knit community in Somers, Maryland, sheltered and protected by her parents; always full of hope and optimism about her future. She left home and accepted a job as a prison nurse not knowing that her life would spiral out of control when her path crossed the path of inmate Santos Jones. Nurse Jodie Hamilton and inmate Santos Jones would embark on a collison course that would change their lives forever. Santos Jones was pure evil, a serial killer and deranged maniac; his cat-shaped eyes frightened everyone who came in contact with him. He was a stalker and took delight in killing anyone who crossed him. Ritualistic in his killings, he saw hell through those cat eyes of his. He knew he was hell bound and had every intention of sending his victims there too. Prison could not stop him from killing. Jodie Hamilton found herself involved in a prison murder and later confined to a mental institution fighting depression and reoccuring nightmares. It would take years for her to go through the process of confession, repentance, redemption and forgiveness. Now years later and pregnant, when Jodie should be enjoying her new freedom, she discovers that she and her husband and soon to be born baby are marked for death by someone from the past.

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