Congress from the Inside: Observations from the Majority and the Minority

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März 2004



This third edition of Congress from the Inside adds an entirely new section that discusses topics such as the Florida election in 2000; September 11, 2001; the 107th Congress; redistricting in Ohio; and the war in Iraq. Congress from the Inside has received high praise from the academic and political worlds for its intimate look at Washington politics. Ideal for both classroom and armchair reading, Brown's book depicts the inner workings and deal-makings of Congress. He walks the reader through the crafting of legislation and tours the offices and meeting rooms where so much of the work of the legislature is done, introducing us to the names and faces of power. With incisive candor, Brown exposes the strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, diversity and elitism of the U.S. Congress.


Sherrod Brown is serving his sixth term as Democratic congressman from Ohio's 13th Congressional District.


"While the larger story is well handled, it's the details that make this so readable. Not for political junkies alone, but for anyone who enjoys good writing and a good story." - Kirkus Reviews; "With good humor and a light touch, Brown, at times, gently pokes fun at himself and his colleagues while still maintaining respect for our government as an institution. Brown is an unabashed partisan, but he also goes out of his way at times to provide the reader with what he believes are both sides of an issue. In an era in which sound bites and scandals dominate the news, Brown has provided readers with a very real and rare treat; a well written and reflective book from an insider's vantage point." - Northwest Ohio Quarterly"
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