Rebels on the Backlot

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Januar 2006



"New York Times" Hollywood correspondent Sharon Waxman presents a revealing and page-turning account of the new generation of directors who are changing the face of modern filmmaking.


Sharon Waxman is the new Hollywood correspondent for The New York Times. Previously, she covered Hollywood and the film industry to the Washington Post for seven years, for which she won numerous awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Her work has also appeared in Reuters, The Chicago Tribune, Premiere, and many others.


"Terrific . . . wildly informative and readable about the plight of the biggest young talents in modern movies"--Buffalo News
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Untertitel: Six Maverick Directors and How They Conquered the Hollywood Studio System. 335:B&W 5. 25 x 8 in or 203 x 133mm Perfect Bound on 45lb Creme Groundwood w/Gloss Lam. Sprache: Englisch.
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