Therapist's Guide to Substance Abuse Intervention

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Author of AP's bestselling "Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention" now turns her attention to substance abuse intervention. The book will follow a similar format to her previous book, presenting information in easy to read outline form, with relevant forms, patient questionnaires, checklists, business documents, etc. Part I discusses the social impact of substance abuse and provides a general overview of the physiological and psychological characteristics of abuse, DSM IV definition of abuse, and classifications of the varying types of drugs. Part II is the main section of the book and covers assessment, different stages of abuse/recovery, and treatment choices. Coverage includes the discussion of myriad self help choices (e.g. AA), group therapy, brief therapy, and more. Discussion will also include making a determination of treatment as inpatient or outpatient, and issues relevant to special populations (teenagers, geriatrics, comorbidity patients, etc.). Part III presents skill building resources. Part IV covers prevention, quality assurance, and also includes a glossary. * Outlines treatment goals and objectives * Outlines for assessing special circumstances * Offers skill building resources to supplement treatment


Introduction. Defining Substance Abuse and Dependence. Characteristics and Classification of Substances. Development of Substance Abuse and Dependence. Stages of Substance Dependency and Recovery. Assessment. Treatment Guidelines. Continuum of Care. Solution-Focused Therapy. Special Populations and Dual Diagnosis. Skill Building Resources.


Sharon Johnson is a psychologist in private practice. She has participated as a committee member and chair of a Utilization Management Committee for a managed care company.


"This comprehensive guide to substance abuse treatment can be used as a reference because it covers so many areas, like an A-Z guide... This is a comprehensive guide to theory and intervention. It is a practical, step-by-step guide to helping clients suffering from substance abuse and dependence. The author provides forms you can use, which can be helpful to both the novice and seasoned therapist. This book is great because it covers all the pertinent areas in this field. If I could afford only one book in the substance abuse area, this is the one I would buy because it is comprehensive, easy to read, and gives specific treatment recommnedations. It is an invaluable resource." --DOODY PUBLICATIONS
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