Understanding God's Purpose for Your Brain

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Juli 2008



In a world where change is the only permanent phenomena, we need to not only have knowledge of these changing times, but also understand what we know to an extent where we are inspired to constantly pursue and acquire the necessary knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is cumulative. As such, the power or effectiveness of the decisions we make in our daily activities depends on the relevance of the accumulated knowledge to our cause or purpose. We use our brain to gain, accumulate and utilize knowledge in our daily activities. Without this knowledge, our receptive and responsiveness to the environment would not have any positive bearing on our lives and the reason for living would be obscure. Purpose gives us discrete meaning for life and also determines the relevance of the accumulated knowledge to our cause. As human beings, God's purpose for our brain is the whole essence of life. Understanding God's Purpose for our brain will enable us find and appreciate the reason for our own lives. We will also learn and discover: How the five external senses function and satisfy our physical requirements. How the four internal senses function and relate to our five external senses. How the three distinct parts of human beings- body, soul and spirit function and the interrelations that exist among them. How the fivefold ministry of Christ function and fulfil the requirements of our lives from a spiritual perspective. Why the five external senses and fivefold ministries of Christ meet our physical and spiritual requirements; and interrelations. The brain harnesses mind; mind generates thoughts; thoughts form words; words create mind-set and manifests character; and character constrains the way we liveour lives. As a man thinks, so is he. What a power the brain brings to our lives. Please read book for more.

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