Cost of Capital

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This volume provides a thorough exposition of the theory relating to the cost of capital--a core subject in academic finance and also of genuine practical importance. Any serious attempt to value a business requires an estimate of its cost of capital. This book explains models and arguments in a way which does justice to this reasoning, while minimizing the prior knowledge of finance and maths expected of the reader. It is intended primarily for students at advanced undergraduate levels.


Preface; Part I. Expected Returns on Financial Assets: 1. The cost of capital under certainty; 2. Allowing for uncertainty: contingent states; 3. The capital asset pricing model and multifactor models; 4. The consumption-based model; 5. The equity risk premium; Part II. A Project's Cost of Capital: 6. Project valuation; 7. Corporation tax, leverage and the weighted average cost of capital; 8. Personal tax and the cost of equity: the old and the new views; 9. Personal tax, leverage and multiple tax rates; 10. Inflation and risk premiums; 11. The international dimension; Part III. Estimating the Cost of Capital: 12. The cost of equity: inference from present value; 13. The cost of equity: applying the CAPM and multifactor models; 14. Estimating a project's cost of capital; 15. Regulated utilities.


Seth Armitage is a Reader in Finance and head of the finance group at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. His current and recent research centres on the financing of companies and has included work on rights issues and open offers, the role of banks in funding companies, sources of finance in developing countries and mutual financial institutions. He is the author of Syndicated Lending in Europe (1998).
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