Corruption in Cuba: Castro and Beyond

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Fidel Castro did not bring corruption to Cuba; he merely institutionalized it. Official corruption has crippled Cuba since the colonial period, but Castro's state-run monopolies, cronyism, and lack of accountability have made Cuba one of the world's most corrupt states. The former communist countries in Eastern Europe were also extremely corrupt, and analyses of their transitional periods suggest that those who have taken measures to control corruption have had more successful transitions, regardless of whether the leadership tilted toward socialism or democracy. To that end, Dí az-Briquets and Pé rez-Ló pez, both Cuban Americans, do not advocate any particular system for Cuba's next government, but instead prescribe uniquely Cuban policies to minimize corruption whatever direction the country takes after Castro. As their work makes clear, averting corruption may be the most critical obstacle in creating a healthy new Cuba.


1. Corruption and Transitions; 2. The Nature of Corruption and Its Consequences; 3. Roots of Corruption in Cuba; 4. Determinants of Corruption in Socialist Cuba; 5. Corruption in Socialist Cuba; 6. The Early Transition and Corruption; 7. Averting Corruption in the Long Term
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