In Hollywood with Nemirovich-Danchenko 1926-1927: The Memoirs of Sergei Bertensson

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Bertensson's observations of life in Hollywood on the eve of the talkies revolution provide us with a compelling snapshot of movie history in the making, seen from the unusual perspective of an outsider.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 From the Preface to the First Published Edition by K. Arensky Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 My Father, K. Arensky Chapter 5 The Memoirs of Sergei Bertensson Chapter 6 Index Chapter 7 About the Authors


Anna Shoulgat is Assistant to the director at the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music. She is also a theatre historian, critic, and translator. Paul Fryer is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Rose Bruford College in the U.K. He has published widely on silent film and opera. His most recent book, Lina Cavalieri :The Life of Opera's Greatest Beauty, 1874-1944, was published in 2003.


Bertensson, assistant to Nemirovich-Danchenko, cofounder of the Moscow Art Theatre and rival of method acting innovator Stanislavsky, met his employer in Hollywood as the company toured the US in the late 1920s. Fryer...introduces this unique record of the transition period from silent to talking pictures. His diary is replete with references to well-known actors and directors. The preface is reprinted from the Russian edition published in the 1960s by K. Arensky in California. Reference and Research Book News
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