Defying Hitler: A Memoir

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August 2003



Written in 1939 and unpublished until 2000, Haffner's memoir of the rise of Nazism in Germany offers a unique portrait of the lives of ordinary German citizens between the wars. 8-page photo insert.


Sebastian Haffner was born in Berlin in 1907, and died in 1999. In 1938, he was forced to flee to Britain, where he worked as a journalist. In 1954, he returned to Germany and became a distinguished historian and commentator.
Oliver Pretzel, Sebastian Haffner's son, is the translator of this work.


"An astonishing memoir...vividly convey[s] the texture of life under an emerging totalitarian regime... [a] masterpiece." --"The New York Times Book Review"
"A masterpiece...has more to say about the enduring enigma of Hitler's Reich than almost anything else in the voluminous modern literature on the subject." --"Commentary"
"Haffner is like the guide of Dante's" Inferno", tracing the slow descent into Nazism in intimate detail...Compelling... Fresh, immediate, and wonderfully personal...An absorbing book." --"Milwaukee Journal Sentinel"
"The prophetic insights of a fairly young us understand the plight, as Haffner refers to it, of the non-Nazi German." --"The Denver Post"
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