Politics and the Media: Harlots and Prerogatives at the Turn of the Millennium

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Spin doctor, soundbite, press secretary, digital, global village, cool Britannia. Politics today is saturated with the jargon and buzzwords of the mass media.


Introduction: Jean Seaton. 1. Members and Millbank: The Media and Parliament: Peter Riddle. 2. Inside the Whale: The Media from Parliament: Tony Wright MP. 3. Broadcasting Policy and the Digital Revolution: Andrew Graham. 4. Themes and Threnodies in Contemporary Satire: Martin Rowson. 5. Are the Broadsheets Becoming Unhinged?: Colin Seymour--Ure. 6. Scottish Devolution and the Media: Phillip Schlesinger. 7. Dumbing Down or Reaching Out: Is It Tabloidisation wot done It?: Steve Barnett. 8. Monarchy and the Message: Ben Pimlott. 9. Judging the Media: Political Impartiality and Broadcasting: Eric Barendt. 10. A Fresh Look at Freedom of Speech: Jean Seaton.
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