How to Make Money as an Artist: The 7 Winning Strategies of Successful Fine Artists

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September 2000



How to sell one's art isn't taught in art schools, yet it's an essential ingredient in getting work displayed and attracting art commissions. This straightforward guide is written for artists who want to present themselves and their work in the best possible light to the largest possible audience. Topics include creating a winning marketing package, getting a gallery, finding an artist representative, and obtaining free or low-cost advertising. Also included is a thorough resource listing that includes inexpensive sources for slide development, contact information for artist representatives, suggestions for durable mailing packaging, and contact names for foreign news media.


Sean Moore has exhibited nationally for more than 30 years, and his paintings are hung in private and business collections. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts.


"This book should be in every school of art, college art department, and artist's pocket." --V.A. Howard, author, Artistry: The Works of Artists and Learning by All Means: Lessons from the Arts
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