Social Networking for the Older and Wiser

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Social Networking for the Older and Wiser is a beautiful, full-colour book that guides readers as they take their first steps exploring social networks. The book is packed with step-by-step examples and teaches readers how to reconnect with old friends from school and work; how to keep in touch with friends and family online; and how to make new friends in online communities. With a focus throughout on the interests of over-50s, the book also shows how social networks can be used to facilitate real-world meetings. Whether you're familiar with Facebook, or intrigued by Twitter, Social Networking for the Older and Wiser will show you how to create your profile, how to find others who share your interests, and how to share messages and photos. The book's reassuring guidance helps you to make the most of the opportunities at each social network without compromising your privacy, or your security. With this book as your guide, you will be able to explore Friends Reunited, Facebook, Twitter, Saga Zone, Eons, LinkedIn, 43 Things,, Flickr, YouTube, Ning, Second Life, and MeetUp. The book will also give you the confidence to explore other social networks, including the appendix listing of specialist networks for hobbies such as gardening, crochet and genealogy. You need no prior knowledge - Social Networking for the Older and Wiser gently guides you from the basics of using your web browser, up to the creation of your own social network. The book will also offer advice on cutting the complexity of participating in different social networks. Social Networking for the Older and Wiser is written in a friendly and reassuring voice and is packed with relevant full-colour screenshots to guide you through the key stages. Each chapter concludes with a fun quiz to help recap the key points.


Part I Getting started.
Chapter 1 Introducing social networking.
What is social networking?
What you need.
Using this book.
Overcoming common fears.
Brain training.
Chapter 2 Learning the basics of social networking.
Creating your account.
Passing the security checks.
Creating your profile.
Adding your profile image.
Using your email address book to find your friends.
Logging out to protect your account.
Learning the culture of social networking.
Brain training.
Part II Connecting with friends old and new.
Chapter 3 Getting in touch with friends old and new on Facebook.
Creating your account and profile.
Looking up your friends on Facebook.
Receiving friend requests.
Interacting with your friends on Facebook.
Challenging your friends to a game on Facebook.
Finding interest groups.
Organising a reunion with a Facebook event.
Protecting your privacy on Facebook.
Speeding up Facebook.
Brain training.
Chapter 4 Finding old schoolmates at Friends Reunited.
How Friends Reunited helped Pam organise her school reunion.
Creating your account.
Adding your school or other place.
Finding your former schoolmates.
Adding friends to your friends lists.
Adding a Newsflash.
Adding photos and videos.
Finding like-minded people in groups.
Creating your own group.
Organising a class reunion.
Managing your privacy on Friends Reunited.
Brain training.
Chapter 5 Using Twitter to tell the world what you're doing.
Famous people on Twitter.
Creating your Twitter account.
Posting your first tweet.
Finding people to follow on Twitter.
Sending replies and messages to people on Twitter.
Forwarding messages with ?re-tweeting?
Joining the conversation with hashtags (pardon!).
Sharing pictures with Twitpic.
Managing your privacy and blocking spam.
Brain training.
Part III Joining specialist communities and starting your own.
Chapter 6 Connecting with other seniors at Saga Zone.
Finding your bearings on Saga Zone.
Having fun in the forums.
Joining in clubs.
Creating a blog.
Organising social events.
Making friends on Saga Zone.
Managing your privacy.
Brain training.
Chapter 7 Networking with other seniors at Eons.
Finding your bearings on Eons.
Uploading photos to your profile.
Finding friends on Eons.
Interacting with people on Eons.
Meeting other newcomers in groups.
Finding other groups to participate in.
Creating your own group.
Creating a blog.
Brain training.
Chapter 8 Finding and planning real-world social events at Meetup.
Finding Meetup groups near you.
Planning to attend events.
Sharing ideas for events.
Uploading photos to the group.
Uploading files to the group.
Creating and managing your own event group.
A final word.
Brain training.
Chapter 9 Creating your own social network at Ning.
Touring Ning.
Defining your purpose.
Creating your own social network.
Adding content to your network.
Communicating with people in your network.
Managing your network.
Managing your privacy on Ning.
Brain training.
Part IV Appendices.
Appendix A: Site directory.
Appendix B: Glossary.
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