Bad Man Ballad

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April 2004



The time is 1813, during America's last war with England; the place isthe Ohio Valley, the thickly wooded, hilly, creek-carved highway of westernsettlement. Wolves still howl at midnight on village greens. Each log cabin is afortress, and no one travels without a knife and gun. Through this armed and fearfulcountryside, three people -- Ely Jackson, a 17-year-old backwoods boy; OwenLightfoot, a lawyer from Philadelphia with a romantic view of the frontier; and RainHawk, a half-breed girl living on her own in the wilderness -- chase an awesomequarry, a mysterious giant-like figure who is on the run for murder. Ely and Owenset out on the trail of the "Bearman" with the intent of bringing him"to justice," while Rain Hawk struggles to protect him from the public'swrath. Bad Man Ballad is a riveting tale by a masterful storyteller and an appealingcontemporary addition to the Library of Indiana Classics.


Scott Russell Sanders is Distinguished Professor of English at Indiana University. His other books include Writing from the Center (1995), Terrarium (1996), and (with Will Counts and James H. Madison) Bloomington Past and Present (2002), all published by IU Press, as well as Hunting for Hope: A Father s Journeys (1999) and The Force of Spirit (2000). He lives in Bloomington, Indiana."


"This fantastic tale... is rich with vivid detail... It is also a finelook at a little-documented time in our history, and a novel that lingers long afterreading." -- Publishers Weekly
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