Rethinking Party Systems in the Third Wave of Democratization: The Case of Brazil

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April 1999



Based on an in-depth examination of the Brazillian case, this book argues that we need to rethink important theoretical issues and empirical realities of party systems in the third wave of democratization.


Tables; abbreviations of the main political parties, 1979-96; Part I. Rethinking Part systems Theory: 1. Introduction; 2. Reexamining party systems theory in the third wave of democratisation; Part II. The Brazilian Part Systems, Past and Present: 3. A legacy of party underdevelopment, 1822-1979; 4. Elections, parties and society, 1979-96; 5. Weak parties and autonomous politicians: party organisation in the catch-all parties; 6. Patronage, clientelism, and patrimonialism; Part III. Explaining Weak Party-System Institutionalisation: 7. Macrocomparative factors and post-1964 developments; 8. Institutional rules and weak institutionalisation: incentives for legislators; 9. Institutional rules and the party system: federalism, Malapportionment and presidentialism; Part IV. The Party System, Economic Reform, and the Quality of Democracy: 10. Political institutions, state reform and economic stabilisation; 11. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Scott P. Mainwaring holds the Conley Chair of Government and is Director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Among his recent publications is "Building Democratic Institutions: Party Systems in Latin America" (co-editor, Stanford, 1995).


'This is a first-rate analysis of modern Brazilian politics. Its central theme, the relative weakness of Brazilian political parties, is arguably the most salient characteristic of the current Brazilian political situation. As Mainwaring makes clear, both theoretically and through abundant empirical evidence, the incapacity of parties to act collectively is centrally connected to the issues of presidential power, federalism, political corruption, and the progressivity of social power.' John Carey, Washington University, St. Louis
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