A History of Ecology and Environmentalism in Spanish American Literature

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This book traces the development of ecology and environmentalism in Spanish American literature. It provides a historical and literary context for the recent and expanding interest in reading, analyzing and especially teaching Latin America's environmental literature.


Part One: Foundations, Aesthetics, Ecology
One: Foundations of Environment: Literary Political Ecologies of 19th Century Southern Cone Literature
Two: Foundations from Topography: Literary Political Ecologies of 19th Century Andean, Amazonian, Caribbean, and Central American Literature
Three: Green Modernism
Part Two: Land, People, Ecology
Four: Swallowed: Environmentalism in the Spanish American novela de la selva
Five: Other Lands: Ecology in the Spanish American novela de la tierra
Six: Ruin: The Precedents of Ecological Destruction in Early and Canonical indigenista Novels
Seven: Indigenous Land: Place, then Space
Part Three: Literature, Environmentalism, Ecology
Eight: Nature after the "Boom": Ecology and Environmentalism in Late 20th Century Spanish American Fiction
Nine: Eco-Satire: Green Humor, Contaminated Imagery, and Environmental Language in Recent Spanish American Fiction
Ten: Paradise Trashed: Utopian and Dystopian Ecological Scenarios in Gioconda Belli's Waslala and Fernando Raga's Gaia Trilogy
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Scott M. DeVries is associate professor of Spanish at Bethel College, Indiana. He is the author of a variety of articles on Spanish American literature and film whose work has appeared in Hispania, Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture, and Environment, and the Christian Scholar's Review.
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