Natural Trouble

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September 2003



Natural Trouble continues Scott Hightower's investigation begun in Tin Can Tourist . Themes of inheritance extend through changes of landscape and bad weather to hungers, urgencies, inequities, and bereavements. Hightower also reminds us that the practice of writing is at the core of democracy: poetry seeks a foundation in the truth of the individual, guaranteed and restored through the integrity of language.


Scott Hightower is contributing editor to The Journal and teaches at Fordham University and New York University.


"Such is the brillance of Hightower's poetry: simple words and everyday experiences combine with the author's innate ability to choose just the right word and the right experience to document...Natural Trouble offers poetry that is both comforting and transcendent, a rare combination that leaves the reader both brewathless and warmed by the experience. His narrative lyrics set to the page those small but important moments that occur in all our lives, and weave in larger ideas about time, biography, and one's place in the grander scheme of things."
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