Secret Thoughts

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Oktober 2008



Domination or submission? Menage a trois or man on man? What about voyeurism? A tease? A taste? Sink your teeth into this collection of erotica short stories from five top erotic storytellers. Everyone has them. Those Secret Thoughts that bring forth your hottest dreams and desires. The ones you dont share, the ones that make your heart pound and your blood heat. What's your pleasure? Kink? A lusty encounter with a stranger? Two strangers? How about man on man while you watch? These authors draw back the curtain on your deepest, lustiest, most secret forbidden fantasies. Slow and sensuous. Or hot and hard. The pleasures all yours. Go on. Step through the curtain. You know you want to. Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, D/s, light bondage, mnage a trois, hot nekkid man-love.

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