Passionate Warriors

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A terrible plague ravages the planet of Zanthonia. Except for a few hundred people who are quarantined, all become ill and only the strongest, adult males survive. Fearing extinction, they use recently developed high-speed cruisers to raid their long-time enemy Alphia and abduct women.

Alphia and Zanthonia have very different cultures. Water rich Zanthonia is male dominated and family orientated. On drought-ridden Alphia, there is strict population control, all reproduction is in vitro, and offspring are genetically engineered. Hormone suppressants have been secretly introduced into the food-supply to prevent the sexual maturity that might threaten the unisex society.

Alphian astronavigator, Jena A5D45623, becomes the leader of the captured women and orders them not to engage any "bestial" sexual practices. Since Zanthonian males do not climax unless their partners do, the use of force is out of the question. Zanthonians also disapprove of artificial reproduction, so both sides seem stalemated.

Zanthonian Space Force Commander, Argo Stallon, who has fought Alphians all his life, sees the women as a threat to the security of his planet, but due to the plague, he has become the supreme commander of all Zanthonian forces and must consider the greater good. Aside from the problems created by the sudden loss of population, Stallon is also seeking to save the lives of the few hundred Zanthonians living in quarantine, and preparing to defend against expected counterattacks from Alphia.

Then he discovers that the raid to kidnap the women was not against a Alphian military installation but a retreat for exceptional young Alphians. Among his captives are some of the brightest minds from the sciences and the military, just what he needs to save his planet.

So Stallon begins a campaign to win the cooperation of the Alphian women on all fronts. Jena is his greatest obstacle, and he finds it necessary to isolate her from the other women to keep her from fermenting rebellion. He does this by making her do menial labor at military headquarters. Having to do such work infuriates her and her presence irritates him.

But strange things begin to happen to the Alphian women. As the effects of the sex hormone-suppressants wear off, their bodies and even their dispositions change and Stallon begins to think he's the only Zanthonian who is man enough for a woman like Jena.

But Jena knows a terrible secret that makes her believe she can never live happily on the planet of Alphia. As her admiration for Stallon grows she allows the other women to work on finding a way to immunize the Zanthonians living in quarantine. Then one of her women tells her of a terrible new doomsday weapon Alphia has developed to use against Zanthonia. The survival of everyone on the planet depends on the Alphian captives and the Zanthonian men working together.

Can the love that has grown between Jena and Stallon overcome the cultural and sexual differences that separate them so they can save the Zanthonian people?
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