Watching Rape: Film and Television in Postfeminist Culture

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August 2001



In "Watching Rape", Sarah Projansky undermines the complacent view - that equality for women has already been achieved - in her analysis of depictions of rape in US film, televsion, and independent video. This study addresses the relationship between rape and postfeminism.


Blending cinematic, literary, historical, and political analyses, Watching Rape demonstrates that filmic representations of rape are never only about gender and sexual violence, but are narrative devices that also attempt to regulate such conflicts and boundaries of power as race, nationality, and social class. Projansky makes good on her bold claim that representations of rape are ubiquitous, versatile, and utterly central to the history of cinema itself. A scholarly tour de force, a feminist triumph. Two thumbs up! --Judith Stacey, University of Southern California Exciting and original. Sarah Projanskys work on rape and postfeminism is an important contribution to scholarship in film and cultural studies, as well as womens studies. --Richard Slotkin, author of Gunfighter Nation"Watching Rape is a compelling account of the role of the rape in making meaning and re-inscribing inequalities within visual media, and as such it is a necessary and valuable research contribution." --Leslie Kern, School of Womens Studies, York University Sarah Projanskys work is distinctive for its theoretical clarity and interdisciplinary feminist framework. She urges us to think deeply about the ways in which media shape our understandings of sexual violence. Watching Rape is a powerful, historically grounded, incisive analysis of the representation of sexual violence. --Rosa Linda Fregoso, University of California-Santa Cruz
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