The Natural Step for Communities: How Cities and Towns Can Change to Sustainable Practices

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April 2004



Countless inspiring examples of the successful ecological transformation of cities in Sweden and North America.


Introduction: The Bumblebee That Changed the World; Preface; Introducing and Using the Natural Step framework; Sustainability: The Trouble We Have Talking About It; The Natural Step Approach: Why Is It Useful?; The Eco-municipalities of Sweden: A Little Background; Changing to Renewable Energy Sources; Getting away from Fossil-fuelled Vehicles: Transportation and mobility; Ecological Housing; Green Businesses; Green Buildings; Journeys to Self-sufficiency: Community Eco-economic Development; Ecological Schools; Ecological Education; Sustainable Agriculture: Growing Healthy; Growing Locally; Dealing with Waste; Natural Resources: Protecting Biodiversity; Sustainable Land Use and Planning; What Gets in the Way of Change?; Three Change Processes that Work; Steps to Change; Inside the Head of a Process Leader; Epilogue; Index.


Sarah James is the principal of a city and town planning consulting firm specializing in participatory planning methods. She co-authored the American Planning Association's Planning for Sustainability Policy guide, and has published articles and given workshops throughout the United States on this subject. Torbjorn Lahti is the project director for Sustainable Robertsfors, a five-year sustainable community demonstration project. He was the project planner for Sweden's first eco-municipality, Overtornea, and was instrumental in the formation of SeKom, the Swedish national association of eco-municipalities.
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