Study, Power and the University

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November 2008



This book highlights the effects of power within the higher educational process, and argues that in order to understand the student experience we have to take seriously the institution as a context for learning.It considers key questions such as:
  • Why is the student experience of higher education sometimes negative or restricted?
  • How does power operate within the institution?
  • What are the forces that limit or enable student agency?
  • How can institutions of higher education create conditions which best support more enabling forces?
Higher Education has its own particular culture, social relations and practices, governed by social and discursive norms. It is always implicated in relations of power through its function in society and its effects on individuals. This book considers how, for the student, these effects can be enabling and engaging, or limiting and diminishing.In exploring the effects of the institutionalization of learning and the workings of power implicated within this, it sets out to add to more cognitive and pedagogic ways of understanding student experience in higher education. Study, Power and the University provides key reading for educational researchers and developers, academics and higher education managers.


Chapter 1Introduction Part 1 The Student Experience Chapter 2 Student Approaches to Learning Chapter 3The Experience of Being a Student Part 2The Institution as a Context for LearningChapter 4Context and Power Chapter 5The Economic and Social Function of Higher Education Chapter 6The Institutionalization of Time, Space, Activity and the SelfChapter 7Learning as Discursive PracticeChapter 8The Special Case of AssessmentPart 3Possible Futures: Concentration or DifferentiationChapter 9Concentration: The Self and the Limiting Forces of the InstitutionChapter 10Differentiation: The Enabling Forces of the Institution


Sarah J. Mann is Senior Lecturer in the Learning and Teaching Centre at the University of Glasgow. She is head of the Academic Development Unit and is responsible for the MEd in Academic Practice.
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