Changing Nature Nursing Managerial Age

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September 1999



An up-to-date account of the current influences within nursing and health care which are helping to define the future role of nurses. The book begins by exploring the nature of nursing within an historical context, and examines the theme of caring as central to the image of nursing.


Section 1 - Setting the scene: Nursing in a managerial age; Section 2 - Nursing the ideal: Idealised caring: the heart of nursing; An analysis of caring; Section 3 - Nursing in a Managerial Age: The growth of managerialism and its impact on nursing and the NHS; Nursing skill: potential or dilution; The organisation of nursing work; Education for nursing: preparation for professional practice; Section 4 - Nursing the reality: Nursing as caring revisited; Opportunities in a managerial age; Index.


brings us right up-to-date with the changing power bases brought about by the introduction of primary care groups and clinical governance. Any nurse, midwife or health visitor who has spent the past few years experiencing rather than analysing the changing nature of their jobs will find lots to identify with here. Students should find it a very useful resource. And managers and health service planners who would like to - or perhaps need to - know how nursing and nurses tick would do well to give this their attention. Health Service Journal
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