Gender and Politeness

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Challenging the notion that women are necessarily always more polite than men (as language and gender literature claim), Sara Mills discusses the complex relationship between gender and politeness. Mills argues that, although women speakers, drawing on stereotypes of femininity, can appear to be acting more politely than men, there are many circumstances where women will act as "impolitely" as men.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Rethinking linguistic interpretation; 2. Theorising politeness; 3. Politeness and impoliteness; 4. Theorising gender; 5. Gender and politeness; Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.


Sara Mills is Research Professor in the School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University. Her previous books include Feminist Stylistics and the edited volumes Gendering the Reader and Language and Gender.


'... a very valuable contribution to the field for those teaching language and gender courses ... will appeal primarily to the many scholars working in the area of politeness theory ... will also be a valuable addition to the critical material available to graduates interested in pragmatics more generally, and to those interested in postmodernist approaches to gender analysis in particular ... this is an intellectually stimulating book ...'. Journal of Sociolinguistics '... a timely reconsideration of gender and politeness ... this book has a great deal to offer researchers in various sub-disciplines of linguistics. It challenges taken-for-granted assumptions which will enable linguistic analysis to become a more theoretically complex activity, and I firmly believe that this publication will be a highly influential and authoritative text in gender and politeness research for many years to come.' Journal of Politeness Research
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