Tulu and the Yetti: Help America

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Tulu and the Yetti is a children's book of fantasy about the factual seriousness of pollution that presently faces the planet earth. The short story about Tulu's desire to become a naturalist is intended to encourage youngsters, not only to focus on pursuing worthy careers, but also to respect and protect the world in which they live. Adults will be able to relate to the issue of global warming which poses a tremendous threat to mankind. Natural scientists have proven that this atmospheric catastrophe could possibly be halted with the preservation of trees. And that with the alleviation of nicotine and other caustic pollutants, the problem could subside. The extra-terrestrial being, Yetti, is introduced in the story to make it more appealing to children and also to the child inside of adults. Every body will love Yetti for being a hero on earth, which is not even his planet. Aside from parents, schools and libraries will reference this book for teaching purposes.

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