Making the Body Beautiful

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Around the globe, aesthetic surgery has become a cultural and medical fixture. Sander Gilman seeks to explain why by presenting this systematic world history and cultural theory of aesthetic surgery. He argues that aesthetic surgery has such universal appeal because it helps people to "pass", to be seen as a member of a group with which they want to or need to identify. This is a profound, provocative, and engaging study of how humans have sought to change their lives by transforming their bodies.


List of Illustrations ix
Preface xvii
CHAPTER ONE: Judging by Appearances 3
What Is Aesthetic Surgery? 3
Why Is It Aesthetic Surgery? 8
Remaking the Self 16
"Passing" 21
Criminal Bodies 26
Gender Questions 31
"Before and After" 36
CHAPTER TWO: Victory over Disease 42
Amy and the Princess 42
The Syphilitic Nose 49
The Strange Case of Tristram Shandy 60
Renaissance Noses 66
A Cure from the Colonies 73
CHAPTER THREE: The Racial Nose 85
Enlightenment Noses 85
The Jewish Nose 88
Irish Noses 91
"Oriental" Noses-and Eyes 98
Black into White ill
CHAPTER FOUR: Marks of Honor and Dishonor 119
Character Inscribed on the Face 119
Too-Jewish Ears and Noses 124
The Telltale Foreskin 137
Greek Ideals 144
CHAPTER FIVE: Noses at War 157
Fixing Shattered Faces 157
Patriotic Noses and Weimar Surgery 169
Nazi Noses 177
CHAPTER SIX: Assimilation in the Promised Lands 186
Helping Jews Become Americans 186
The Israeli Experience 199
The Importance of Being Barbra 202
CHAPTER SEVEN: After the Nose 206
Erotic Bodies 206
Buttocks Have Meaning 210
Big Breasts and Bellies 218
Small Breasts -- No Breasts? 237
CHAPTER EIGHT: The Wrong Body 258
Men with Breasts 258
Transsexual Surgery 268
The First Cut Is the Deepest 288
CHAPTER NINE: Dreams of Youth and Beauty 295
Beauty and Age 295
Post-Aesthetic Bodies 319
CONCLUSION: "Passing" as Human 329
Notes 335
Index 385


Gilman tells a timely, yet previously largely untold tale. By presenting the complex interaction of ideas, social relations, technology, psychiatry (and the madness of doctors as well as patients), the author makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of our times.
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