The Legend of Freud: Expanded Edition

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Mai 2000



"The Legend of Freud is a fine example of what can be done with Freud's texts when philosophical and literary approaches converge, and you leave the couch in the other room. . . . Weber is brilliantly imaginative, respectful of his subject and his readers, and productive of new ideas."--Village Voice Literary Supplement


Preface: uncanny thinking; Part I. Psychoanalysis Set Apart: 1. Going my way; 2. A problem of narcissism; 3. Observation, description, figurative language; 4. Metapsychology set apart; Part II. The Other Part: 5. The meaning of the Thallus; 6. The joke: child's play; 7. The shaggy dog; Part III. Love Stories: 8. The analyst's desire: speculation in play; 9. The Fort!; 10. Speculation: the way to utter difference; 11. The side-show, or: remarks on a canny moment; Notes; Index.


Samuel Weber is Professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Director of the UCLA Paris Program in Critical Theory. Among his many books is "Mass Mediauras: Form, Technics, Media" (Stanford, 1996).
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Untertitel: 'Cultural Memory in the Present'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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