Music and More: Essays, 1975-1991

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April 1994



'Always provocative, insightful, and highly opinionated...Readers may not agree with all of Lipman's opinions, but he will give them cause to reevaluate their own positions. This challenging and thought-provoking work is strongly recommended.' --'Library Journal'


Part 1 Composers: music and Mao; why Kurt Weill?; American music - the years of hope; Lenny on our minds; Hugo Weisgall's six characters; a new look at Prokofiev. Part 2 Pianists: Rubinstein the great entertainer; Bartok at the piano; Keith Jarrett joins the Bach parade; the pupils of Clara Schumann and the uses of tradition; does the piano have a future? Part 3 Conductors: Willem Mengelberg at the Philharmonic; Pierre Monteux's success; Toscanini and the love of great music; Roger Norrington and authentic performance. Part 4 Critics and writers: James William Davison of "The (London) Times"; James Huneker and America's musical coming-of-age; Edward Said, music critic; but if the artist fails? Part 5 Culture and society: Ivy Litvinov - the commissar's wife; the muse under Mussolini; say "no" to trash - Mapplethorpe and the nea; opera and politics; backward and downward with the arts.


Samuel Lipman is the publisher of "The New Criterion, "the music critic for "Commentary, "and the author of "The House of Music: Art in an Era of Institutions; Arguing for Music, Arguing for Culture; "and "Music after Modernism. "
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