An Endless River

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An Endless River tells the story of a religious family setting up house on the site of an abandoned pre-Civil War fort some seventy miles below New Orleans. Sandwiched between the sea and a great river, they practice the teachings of their mentor, William Christopher. Although several family members have traveled with Christopher for many years, no one knows of the Evangelist' early years, before he began to preach. Vanessa, a beautiful and deeply troubled young woman, is drawn to the island where she uncovers Christopher's disturbing secret. She shares with him a secret of her own. Christopher's time left on this plane of existence is short. One night he and Vanessa journey to a beach where he tells her of his early years. She is by his side that night when he makes his transition. Vanessa understands now that she had come to the island to be of service to Christopher. He, in turn, has shown her how to find a deep peace within herself. To no longer blame herself for the death of her brother Billy. All of life is like a river. Changing and moving on.

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